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We are NOT currently accepting unsolicited manuscript submissions.


Thanks for choosing to submit to Ellechor Publishing, here is what we'll need:

  1. Create and attach a Chapter Outline (annotated table of contents). Include chapter titles, plus a 4- or 5-sentence summary of each chapter.
    • Use MS Word or RTF friendly formats only, no PDF files.
    • This gives the scope of the book at a glance-where you start, where you end, how you transition in between.
  2. Prepare your manuscript with a very straight forward format in MS Word (i.e. Arial, single-space, 11-pt, normal margins).
    • Sometimes authors "fancy" up their manuscripts by laying it out in book format, etc. But it's a waste of time- yours and ours-because we simply have to strip everything out and reformat before we can begin to work with it.

Once we have your proposal/ms in hand, it goes through our Acquisitions Review Process that looks over all incoming manuscripts. At the reviewers recommendation, we may send it in for evaluation and presentation at the next Book Committee (meets approximately every two weeks), which is the group that makes publication decisions.


*Please note that we only accept manuscripts submitted electronically, via our Website, Pubmission or Bowker Manuscript Submissions. Do NOT mail manuscripts or submit proposals via email, these submissions will be discarded.

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